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Valve classification

The valve type is many. Along with each kind of complete set ofequipment technical process and the performance unceasing improvement,the valve type also unceasingly is increasing, also has the many kindsof classified method.
1) the block valve class mainly uses in to interrupt or to put throughin the pipeline the medium class. If cut-off valve, gate valve, ballvalve, cock Valve, reed valve, diaphragm valve and so on.
2) the check valve class uses in to prevent the medium to flowbackwards. If each kind of different structure check valve.
3) the regulating valve class mainly uses in to adjust the pipelineintermediary archery target pressure and the current capacity. Ifregulating valve, throttle valve, pressure relief valve And so on.
4) the slide valve class uses in to change in the pipeline the mediummobile direction, plays the assignment, the divergence or the mixmedium role. If each kind of structure operating valve, Three Contacts or four-waycock, Three Contacts or tubing cross ball valve, each kind of typesparse water valve and so on.
4) the safety valve class uses in the overpressure safekeeping ofsecurity, discharges the unnecessary medium, prevented the pressuresurpasses the stipulation value. If each kind Type safety valve.
6) the multipurpose valve class uses in to substitute two, three evenmore types valves. If cuts off the check valve, 止回 the ball Valve, closure 止回 safety valve and so on.
7) other special special-purpose valves as for example dump pollutantsthe valve, the dump valve, clear Jiao Fa, the clear tube valve and soon.