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pink girl

I think girls will like the Pink Matata, although not in terms of what is the color of personality, But I love the powder on the complex is still quite serious.



The FuWa is the phonetic English name, as "Beijing" is beijing. Mascots are a group of five FuWa and the shape of fish, panda, Tibetan antelope, swallow and the Olympic flame.
“福娃贝贝(Beibei)”、鱼(贝贝)、Fish (Beibei)、

“福娃晶晶(Jingjing)”、大熊猫(晶晶)、Panda (Jingjing)、

“福娃欢欢(Huanhuan)”、奥林匹克圣火(欢欢)、Olympic flame(Huanhuan)

“福娃迎迎(Yingying)”、藏羚羊(迎迎)、Tibetan antelope(Yingying)、





Strange classmate

Sometime I get really embarrasing gifts ,
like underwear,How can I ask my strange
classmate members to quit giving them?


Creativity Photo

Festival approaching,
students holiday festival is one of five schools,
science and technology development is one of our school moral characteristics.
Friends play your own creativity .


When you see the photo,What is your feeling ?
I think he was a very active boy.
Each day he would make people very happy .


My friends look the photo,all says his image Endion।

In fact he name: John

Live:Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7EL, UK

University of Northumbria at Newcastle

If you want to know him,

you can call me।

I can introduced him for you.haha..

Dear promised me ,Must be happy
I hope you will always love each other
I know,you do it


Blueberry crêpes with orange kompote


Have rained
The continuous patter of raindrops
Every little drop stabbing pain my heart


This is my friend. she come frome Japan.when we met, she were the most confident girl-she always had something smart or funny and sarcastic to say.


Google Teaches Bloggers How To

In my opinion, just commenting on other blogs isn’t as useful. There are a lot of ways to build a reputation, from having a great blog to producing a unique service to speaking at conferences. A single creative idea that catches fire in the blogosphere or is probably more useful than just chasing/buying/trading links. Original information or research is great bait to attract links.