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Manual regulating valve

This company produces the manual regulating valve and the self-lockingmanual regulating valve mainly use in the city centralism to heat, theregion heats, project and so on in circulating water project, thermalpower plant pipe network and refrigeration air conditioning, has theclosure, the throttle with the adjustment current capacity function,may substitute for the throttle orifice, is one kind may change theaperture the throttling gear.

FS series manual valve

The FS series manual valve has the structure simply, volume small,craft arrangement nimble, the closure strict and so on the merit, theuser may use for parts according to the actual situation in the grain,the bean cake and other is powdery, granular and the scrap disperses agrain of material in the smooth tube.
Second, structure synopsis The manual valve rotation has the handle and the tension bartwo operating modes, adapts installs the position height the differentneed, comes the rotary sleeve valve board axis after the handle andthe tension bar, the control valve board.


100S angle type row of mud valve

The 100S angle type separates a membrane-type row of mud valve is onekind of angle separates the membrane-type closure class valve. Usuallyinstalls in the sewage treatment plant sinks decides the pond base,with removes the putty and the contamination which the pond bottomsinks decides. The valve interior for the nylon strengthening rubbermutual lack of understanding, and the design for the angle structure,smoothly removes using the contamination, installment convenient, theservice life is long.

Valve classification

The valve type is many. Along with each kind of complete set ofequipment technical process and the performance unceasing improvement,the valve type also unceasingly is increasing, also has the many kindsof classified method.
1) the block valve class mainly uses in to interrupt or to put throughin the pipeline the medium class. If cut-off valve, gate valve, ballvalve, cock Valve, reed valve, diaphragm valve and so on.
2) the check valve class uses in to prevent the medium to flowbackwards. If each kind of different structure check valve.
3) the regulating valve class mainly uses in to adjust the pipelineintermediary archery target pressure and the current capacity. Ifregulating valve, throttle valve, pressure relief valve And so on.
4) the slide valve class uses in to change in the pipeline the mediummobile direction, plays the assignment, the divergence or the mixmedium role. If each kind of structure operating valve, Three Contacts or four-waycock, Three Contacts or tubing cross ball valve, each kind of typesparse water valve and so on.
4) the safety valve class uses in the overpressure safekeeping ofsecurity, discharges the unnecessary medium, prevented the pressuresurpasses the stipulation value. If each kind Type safety valve.
6) the multipurpose valve class uses in to substitute two, three evenmore types valves. If cuts off the check valve, 止回 the ball Valve, closure 止回 safety valve and so on.
7) other special special-purpose valves as for example dump pollutantsthe valve, the dump valve, clear Jiao Fa, the clear tube valve and soon.


Dalian DESSER.WAKE Valves Co., Ltd

is a jointly-invested Sine-Germany Joint Venture established by Germany WM International Group Company and Dalian Bohai Valves and Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd importing the German advanced technologies,equipment and technological process and prodicing such products up to Germany Standard(DIN), Japanese Standard(JIS), American Standard(ANSI, ASTM)and China National Standard(GB) as soft sealed hand-operated butterfly valves, Turbo butterfly valves, Tri-eccentric hard sealed butterfly valves,signal butterfly valves, cast steel gate valces, stop valves, check valves, spherical valves, filtrators,balancing valves, electric regulating valves, temprature regulating valves, bydraulic control valves and electric two-way valves, etc..
All those products have passed through the ISO international Quality System Certification and this company has been conferred such titles as "Liaoning Provincial Credit Surety Unit of Product Quality"and "Dalian Municipal Quality Follow-up Service Unit". While winning the favourable comments and widespread acclaim from the social construction industries, air conditioning industries and petrochemical industries, this company has also created and achieved successful achievements to repay the society.


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Cast steel gate valve

Product model: Cast steel gate valve Z41H-64
Source habitat: Wenzhou Long Wan
Main characteristic and use:
(1) structure compact, design reasonable, valve rigidity good, channelsmooth, 流阻 the coefficient is small.
(2) packing surface uses the stainless steel and the hard alloy, theservice life is long.
(3) uses the flexible graphite padding, the seal reliable, theoperation facile is nimble.
(4) drive type minute manual, electrically operated, air operated,gear drive, structure pattern: Elastic wedge type single damper plate,rigid wedge type single damper plate and double damper plate pattern.
(5) widely is suitable for the petroleum chemical industry, oilquality, on the steam pipeline and so on thermal power plant does putsthrough or interrupts the pipeline intermediary archery target to openshuts the installment.


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Floating Ball Valve Description

Features:1) Size: NPS 2"-32"
2)Pressure: Class 150 - 1, 500
3) Material: WCB, LCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, A105, LF2, F304, F316, F304L, And F316L
4) Design and manufacture Std.: API 608, API 6D, BS 5351, and ASME B16. 34
5) Face to face Std: API B16. 10, API 6D, DIN 3202, ASME B 16. 25, and DIN2543-2550
6) Design and manufacture Std.: API 608, API 6D, BS 5351, and ASME B16. 34
7) Test standard: ISO5208, API 6D, and BS 6755
8) Structure type: One-piece, two-piece, reduced bore, and full bore 9) Operated way: Lever, gear, pneumatic, and electricStandard : API,JIS,DIN,BS,GBUnit Price/Paymen t : L/C,T/TOrigin : China