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Cast steel gate valve

Product model: Cast steel gate valve Z41H-64
Source habitat: Wenzhou Long Wan
Main characteristic and use:
(1) structure compact, design reasonable, valve rigidity good, channelsmooth, 流阻 the coefficient is small.
(2) packing surface uses the stainless steel and the hard alloy, theservice life is long.
(3) uses the flexible graphite padding, the seal reliable, theoperation facile is nimble.
(4) drive type minute manual, electrically operated, air operated,gear drive, structure pattern: Elastic wedge type single damper plate,rigid wedge type single damper plate and double damper plate pattern.
(5) widely is suitable for the petroleum chemical industry, oilquality, on the steam pipeline and so on thermal power plant does putsthrough or interrupts the pipeline intermediary archery target to openshuts the installment.